Thursday, February 19, 2009

What two days in a row.....i don't know whats happening to me.

The sun is out and so are these flowers (weeds)! They are everywhere covering the orchards, so the kids picked some and we sneezed the whole way home.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun times.......

We had a fun Valentine's weekend with Grandpa Tim! Thursday we went and got the girls out of school early and took them to in-n-out burger which is a total treat to them. We ran to target later on with the whole crew and grandpa and then grabbed pizza on the way home. Friday we hung out most the day, went to Wills basketball game and went out to an awesome Thai restaurant. I have to give Will props for his new healthy lifestyle. I think he has lost close to 45 pounds and is noticing the difference on the courts. He has got some serious "Will" power it doesn't help living with a wife that is a sugarholic. Overall it was a fun weekend. Saturday was Valentines and we had all kinds of festivities that involved roses and treats. Grandpa Tim left at about noon on Saturday and we miss you already! Hope everyone had a lovely loving Valentines Day. Love you all.