Sunday, June 22, 2008

My progressing children.......

As you can see Taylor is thrilled that I have decided to take a picture of her. You can see how glad she is that I am her mom! Check out her tooth just hanging there. My children are growing adult teeth now so I told them they need to act like adults now!


This is my crack up this week. Every corner I turn around there is a little one year old girl standing on her head. I think she could really go somewhere with this.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Dad

Why we loooove our dad. (I am letting the kids type their reasons)


I love my dad becuse he is funny and nice and he is fun to play
with he makes me happy when im sad im glad he is my dad
from:makenna brynn

i love my dad becuse he is
fun and nice i love my dad
i am glad he is my dad
and i know he loves me to
from taylor

Me: Davis why do you love your daddy?

Davis: because he likes me.

Kate loves her daddy just because. Why wouldn't she he completely adores her!

I love Will for a million reasons, but I love the fact that he would do anything to make us happy.

Happy Fathers Day. You are the world to us.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow it has been a great week! Two new babies born this week. Wills sister just had her 5th child a girl Abigail, and my sister just had her 3rd boy Mateo! They are so sweet and innocent you look at them and wonder all that is in store for them. Congratulations everyone we love you! (This is a picture of Abigail)

OK now for my explanation of pictures of Corn dogs next to this precious little one. Let me back up. Will comes from a big family 8 children in all! All of them except one live within an hour from us. Which means cousins everywhere. I think we are up to 40?!
Can I just tell you they adore being together. So needless to say it is not unusual for me or any of Wills sisters to be watching up to 15 kids at their house. My sisters are always asking who is at your house when I am talking to them on the phone. Lets just say there are always extras around. It is crazy and fun. This is what it takes to have lots of kids over a lot. A huge box of Corn Dogs and otter pops. The corn dogs are fast and the otter pops keep them outside!!!!

All I can say about this picture is that Makenna will hate me in a few years for posting it! Oh well at least its from the clean pile of laundry.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer, kids, and free stuff!

Don't ya just wish you were a kid again sometimes?!! It has been a full last week of school. Taylor had Kindergarten graduation and both Makenna and Taylor received citizenship awards at school. I'm sure that is due to my wonderful mothering skills. Can't you just tell how well behaved they are by this picture?! Makenna has been dreading the last day of school for weeks even months now and it has finally come. Let's just say life has been interesting the last couple days with her. I mean what kid doesn't want summer to be here....Makenna begs to differ on that one. Still love her to pieces. So were on to our summer schedule. I guess if that is actually something that exists in the summer!

OK onto the free stuff. My friend Jean informed all of us bloggers about Google reader. I'm assuming that if you are reading my blog you actually look at blogs and this will benefit you. I am loving this Google reader thing! It will save you hours on end and it is free! Just go to your homepage or the google homepage and click on google reader. You can enter (or add) all the blogs you love and everytime they post it will come up on your screen. Talk about a timesaver. As a current blog addict it has done wonders for my life! You neeeeed to try it you will never have to search for the next current event on your computer again.

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