Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer, kids, and free stuff!

Don't ya just wish you were a kid again sometimes?!! It has been a full last week of school. Taylor had Kindergarten graduation and both Makenna and Taylor received citizenship awards at school. I'm sure that is due to my wonderful mothering skills. Can't you just tell how well behaved they are by this picture?! Makenna has been dreading the last day of school for weeks even months now and it has finally come. Let's just say life has been interesting the last couple days with her. I mean what kid doesn't want summer to be here....Makenna begs to differ on that one. Still love her to pieces. So were on to our summer schedule. I guess if that is actually something that exists in the summer!

OK onto the free stuff. My friend Jean informed all of us bloggers about Google reader. I'm assuming that if you are reading my blog you actually look at blogs and this will benefit you. I am loving this Google reader thing! It will save you hours on end and it is free! Just go to your homepage or the google homepage and click on google reader. You can enter (or add) all the blogs you love and everytime they post it will come up on your screen. Talk about a timesaver. As a current blog addict it has done wonders for my life! You neeeeed to try it you will never have to search for the next current event on your computer again.

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Jean Smith Photography said...

haha...that's awesome that you are now a user of google's awesome, huh? i love your blog header...your kids are adorable and your pictures are fabulous!

Heather said...

Linds, my friend just told me about this & I need to do it. Thanks for telling me how cause I'm not so much the computer pro! :)
I love summer b/c you don't need to drag your kids out of bed & drive them to school... but, it's finding things to do with them! Atleast you got the beach!!! :)School dosen't end for me til the 18th of June!

Heather said...

p.s. i L o v e the pictures!

Hilary said...

Tomorrow is our last day of school and I am a little sad! Jackson will be like Makenna with the school withdrawls. What the heck is this google thing? I am so out of the loop!