Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Beckham..........

So my blogging motivation has been bugging me lately and my awesome friend Amy told me how to do these collages so I had to try!! We went to Utah in July to see our cute new cousin Baby Beckham! Cutest little boy who is already 3 months and my heart hurts when I think that he is getting bigger without us there! They are now in Ohio and my kids are still talking about when they will get to see him again! Of course we had to take pics while we were there.

When I look at these pictures of my sister Alyson I can't believe she has her own little family. To me she will always be the baby in our family. I remember when I was a senior in high school and I had a class where I got to go to her classroom and be the teachers assistant on Fridays. That was game day so I always had my cheerleading uniform on and I remember the kids thinking it was such a big deal! I just remember looking at Alyson and thinking I can't believe this girl is in 2nd grade. She was so studios and mature compared to everyone else. I looked up to her even then. Love you Zach, Aly, and baby Beckham!