Thursday, March 22, 2012

AUGUST 2011...................

Its almost school time!  School starts so early here around August 15.  We are enjoying our last days of summer at the park right by our house.  I have spent hours on end at this park.  The city put in a water feature that the kids love when it is super hot.  We usually meet up with friends and let the kids run wild in the water.

Will takes Davis golfing with him a lot.  Davis loves it because he gets to hang with dad and gets all the snacks and soda his heart desires.  Will likes having his buddy with him too.  
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JULY 2011 continued.....................

I thought this was cute.  We had our cousin Abby sleepover and Makenna and Taylor decided to make it super fun.  They made the girls peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with "no crust" which I never do!  They dressed the girls up did their make-up and did a photoshoot!  The girls loved it!

Oh and I made these awesome treats from pinterest they are called better than crack brownies!  Pretty sure I ate half the pan myself.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

JULY 2011................

More swim meets for Taylor!  She was so excited to be able to participate because last year she broke her arm at the beginning of the summer and couldn't swim!

Davis had swim lessons and learned how to swim and dive!  I thought he would be timid about it but he loved the diving too.  Kate and I would hangout every morning and wait since she would not participate!

We took at last minute trip to Santa Cruz too.  We were there for two nights and the kids loved it.  We had never been so we decided the day before, packed up and left.  It is a major hippie town which I had no idea.  Lots of different people from all over!

Everybody starts off happy and Davis ends up looking a little terrified by the end!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

JUNE 2011.......................

Kindergarten graduation!  These teachers team taught this year and it was such a great year.  They sprinkle magic dust (sparkles) on each kid and then they are a first grader!

Taylor had some swim meets and did great.  This one was fun because it was in Gridley and her cousins were in it too.  She is such a strong determined girl.  She is diligent in everything she does and kind and friendly to everyone.  She is my kid that is doing her homework in the car as we are driving home from school!  

Granda Warren supporting the grandkids
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MAY 2011...................

OK I am a picture hoarder! I have to post lots of pics for every month. I can't help it.
Kate had her fourth birthday. I thought it was so sweet her sisters made her a duct tape purse with princesses on it.

Makennas birthday was next. She got an Itouch and was completely surprised about it!! 11 years old.

She has her same traditional cake every year. I love it because it is so cheap and easy to make. Ice cream sandwiches, whip cream, and chocolate syrup!

So fun Will got to come on a field trip with Davis. This is rare but it happened to work out with work so we all went together on the bus! It was a fun day, even though Will's legs barely fit in the seat.

Davis and Tanner have known each other since birth! They were both born in February and are both sweet boys.

Mrs. Hare. Wonderful

Mrs. Ellinwood Super Fantastic too!

Mrs. Patton. Made for teaching!

Kate's preschool graduation. One more year of preschool and then she is off to leave me for Kindergarten!! There will be some guaranteed tears when her mom drops her off on her first day of Kindergarten and they will not be Kates tears!!!!

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