Friday, March 9, 2012

MARCH 2011...................

Taylors third grade field trip to The Buttes. It is the only "mountain" we have around here! I have a hard time even calling it a mountain when I grew up in Utah next to Mountain ranges everywhere!
Mrs. Patton was her teacher. Such a great teacher and she even taught them cursive a lost art!!

Makenna started softball and loved it.

Davis and his daily routines! Making walls from anything in the pantry he can find.

Set up my backdrop and just did some random pics. I would love to edit all of these but its just not going to happen so they will just have to stay this way! The kids make them cute enough!!
Davis is 6, Taylor 9, Kate 3, Makenna 10


My Cute friend Chelsea about a day before she had twin boys!

Makenna cut bangs! She is always up with the latest trends and fashion. It will be nice so she can keep the rest of us in check and dressed in the right era!

Yeaaaa the babies are here! Wow two baby boys and they were not little! That makes five kids.
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