Saturday, January 31, 2009

my photography obsession continues......

Yesterday my friend Amy and I ventured out to take pictures by an old firetruck literally on the side of the highway! It was a quick trip of course you can see Kate was not into it, i think she was feeling sick. Then we decided to go to a vacated building where i'm guessing we shouldn't be, considering a cop pulled up right as we were packing up to leave. At least Davis stood there nicely with bribes for cookies!

We are pretty much back to life after Cabo. I am definately missing it. The weather is beautiful here but we are for sure going to need more rain. Life is good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Will is a blogger?!!.........

i guess Will has officially entered the world of blogging!! He did the post of Cabo and now i am editing it so that you actually know what is going on! We went to Cabo last week and took Makenna and Taylor. They had the time of their lives ( in all their 7 and 8 years) loving every minute with their cousins. Taylor had her 7th birthday while we were there and had fun with cake, pinatas, and presents. This was a fun time bringing the girls and seeing how excited they were about everthing. The highlight for them was playing in the ocean all day everyday!!

7 things i love about tator tot:

1. Goes with the flow
2. very efficient, wakes up clothes on, brushes hair and teeth ( she will keep me on my toes forever)
3. Sensitive
4. Funny
5. Great heart
6. Helps me clean with no complaint
7. Sharp as a tack!!