Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just Stuff.....

Is this the same boy??? (before and after his haircut)

Oh how we love our cousin (and niece) Alexa.....she has been with us for a few months and we will miss her when she leaves in a week or so.
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Oh Kate!

Yep....another wreath. This one is happy colors.

Why does she have to grow scares me. 1 month and she is 8!

My flowers actually grew.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Normandy Beaches

This was probably one of our favorite days of the trip. Will really wanted to go see where the Battle of Normandy took place. It was quite a drive to get there but soooo worth it. This was a memorial to all the soldiers that died. I had no idea how many Americans were killed here. Wow it was really humbling to see all of the crosses literally going on forever. We had to walk down flights of stairs to get to the beaches so of course I took pictures all along the way! It was hard to pick my favorites.

OK so I had to use my self-timer on this one not the best shot, but I guess not too bad for a timer?
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Notre Dame....amazing. The stain glass windows were beautiful, so detailed. There were a million people inside but everyone was reverent it was kind of cool.

It was very dim lighting inside candles were lit everywhere.
My poor husband had to constantly pose and model for me. He's a pretty good model don't you think?!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My kids

Had to have a change of pace from Europe. Kids are so much cuter than old buildings anyway! As you can see I changed my blog header....I am always wanting a picture perfect family shot and well usually I am just lucky to have us all together and have someone to push the shutter button on my camera! I just figured this is how we look 99 % of the time anyway why not in the family picture too! So here is incredicble hulk eating popcorn...

Baby Kate in her walker eating sugar cereal...thats right not cheerios sugar!! By the 4th one there are no rules.

These are of Taylor and Makenna at our exciting Easter Egg Hunt!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Louvre

This is our journey through The Louvre museum. This has got to be one of the biggest museums ever. It has so much stuff you could spend days there.
Cute parents. We were so happy to be able to spend the week with Will's parents (of course I consider them my parents too). They were up for touring anywhere we wanted.
This was looking out a window to the gardens and street.
I look so dorky ohhh and by the way you are going to hate looking at my green coat by the time this Europe blog is done!!
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Here she is the gorgeous Mona Lisa! -K- this picture makes me laugh. There is a piece of glass covering this painting and if you look close you can see the reflection of all of the herds of people pushing through the crowd to see this and get their picture.
This is a picture looking into the center courtyard of the Louvre.
Will's parents are such troopers. Through the cold and rain they came with us everywhere. We had to buy scarves and hats for everyone to keep warm. It was chilly!
This pyramid is the entrance to the museum. You go down an escalator to enter. It's kind of interesting having such a modern structure in such an old building.
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So my obsession with doors begins. This was my obsession on the trip along with eating twix candy bars.
Here is a statue head of I have no idea who!!
Let's just say there were many paintings and a lot of nudity....were the artists obsessed with naked people back then. No really they were beautiful and there were a ton of them.
Wow how did they get all of this on the ceiling. I will never know.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sneak peak

Ok I need to post something on our trip!! I have a million pictures so I will probably post a few here and there. Of course these pictures are out of order they posted wrong and I am too tired and lazy to fix them!! This was our first day in London. We hopped right on the underground train and started our wild adventure. One of the stops was Warren Street so I had to take this shot!

This was the first thing we saw coming up out of the train. It was getting dark but I had to take a picture of something before night came. It was like walking up into a whole new world.
I was so happy to be able to see my adorably, gorgeous, pregnant sister during our layover in D.C. I didn't think I was going to be able to see her, but I called right as the plane landed and she headed right over with the boys. They are so cute and I miss them.
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Here are pictures of the place we stayed just outside of Paris. We were actually right by Disneyland, but never went there!! I figured I can do that in Anaheim, CA.
OK this is a scary picture, but had to post it because this was a huge part of our trip....jet lag! This is at about 3 am I'm up studying my photography books and figuring out the correct white balance on my camera!
Just hanging out in the trains..I guess you could literally say hanging out if you don't hold on you'll be on the floor. Will loved the trains. I just let him figure out all of our routes! I just kicked back and made sure our bags were safe!
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This was on our front door in France.

You would see these flowers all over france. Tis the season.

This is the front door of our little french cottage like house. We stayed here for five days. So nice there one of my favorite things in all of the countries are their doors. None of them are alike.
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