Saturday, May 16, 2009

Growing hamburgers.......

This farm is about 25 minutes from our house. They have a huge pumpkin patch there every October and in the spring they call it the hamburger farm. They show the kids how to grind wheat for the buns, milk cows, grow lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. It was a fun day. As you can see it can be crazy doing anything with little ones buy hey you just gotta do it!

Just your typical picture with your kids had to make sure I remembered I was actually there chasing them!

I had to take a picture of Kate's head (the one at the end)! I always put her hair in a little bun thingy on top of her head because if I don't it sticks straight up. Davis hates it!!! He calls it her wiwwy and trys to pull it out everytime I turn around. I finally figured out one day why. He loves rubbing her head and the bun just makes that too difficult. He is such a pretty boy! In more ways than one.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 9th Makenna Benna!!

Wow it has been an interesting day. Our van door decided to break on us and stay permanently open.....soooo Will drove it to the dealership while I followed him. I was laughing so hard at all the people warning him that his door was open and staring with complete disbelief. Anyways that means no car for a few days and so we made do with what we had for Makennas Birthday! I made a cake and Taylor and Makenna drew a design for it and frosted it. Well I should say Makenna drew the design, that is soooo a Makenna thing. When Will got home just the girls went shopping for an outfit with Nana's money she had sent and we found a new bike too. The kicker for me today was that our iMac that is 5 months old crashed....yep everything is gone I have been a basketcase over the pictures lost. We even took it to the Mac store and I guess they couldn't salvage anything. Luckily I did have my recent wedding loaded onto my PC too since the Mac was having issues but everything else is gone from Christmas to today! So I am sucking it up and moving on. Oh I hope I can love my mac again but right now hmmmm i won't say!!!!

Back to Makenna she is the reason for this post! I love Makenna. She is turning into such a great example to her brother and sisters. She is always so aware of how I am feeling. If I am on edge she will just take over and help me out. She really tries so hard in everything she does and is such a positive example to me. We love YOU!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

She's two.........

Happy Birthday Baby Kate!! Thats right she is still baby Kate. I just can't give up the baby part yet! These pictures just make me happy. I'm kind of mad at technology right now I couldn't get any of her cute birthday pics to load onto the computer so I found some random snaps!!

A few things I love right now:

She blows kisses from her bed to me at night and says love you.
She gives davis high fives and knuckles.
She loves to have and get peoples attention.
She goes to nursery (my first ever)
She loves hanging with her family!

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