Friday, August 29, 2008

My day from well lets not say.....

Yesterday was a not so fabulous day just had to write it down so I can toss it away and not remember it.

I woke up at 5:30 to go meet a friend and run. This was the first time we did this and had talked about it over a week ago, we hadn't talked about it since so I remembered (which is a miracle) and she didn't. I drove over to her house and when I was backing out hit the deck of their boat (this is where it all begins) no damage to the strong wood deck and I THOUGHT no damage to my new minivan, yes we have given into the mini-van craze anyway another story for another day. Came home went running here which was good. Got home woke kids up for school made eggs, bacon, toast this is rare on school mornings but it happened!! Kids got ready sent Makenna to school in a frenzy and crying because Will was leaving today so that throws her into a spin. Taylor was fine. Makenna calls from school and has left her planner that I have to sign and send back everyday but assures me I don't need to bring it just need to place it in a place where we will remember it. Glad my kids can help me!!! Will comes home upset because of family drama, (were in a family business if that explains things) I probably shouldn't even say this because I will create more drama but today I don't care. So there are a few tears in between problems. I was supposed to meet my friend at Costa Vida for lunch with kids and was late talking to Will and helping him get ready to go. Were outside and suddenly he looks up and says what happened to the car that is when I notice the huge dent in the back that I have created my heart sunk! I went to go pick up kids from school and told Makenna she could not go to her soccer practice because she had a church activity instead. This did not go over well!!! Crying and craziness. Don't worry this all sounds like rambling but it gets better. I go to get Davis out of the car and he has the seat belt wrapped around his belly some weird way it is locked and squeezing his internal organs he was making a choking sound at one point I am freaking out! After 10 minutes got him out. Come inside start homework, piano, etc. Davis is grabbing his throat and saying it hurts the lifesaver will come out. So he is saying a lifesaver is lodged in his throat. I'm thinking is this day really happening....Yep it is. I gave him water and after a little while he seems ok.

To sum it up it was a crazy day but I just had to write it down so I remember some of the not so fun times along with all of the great ones. On the positive at least my little boy still has his organs and is not choking.
I have a feeling today is going to be a great day.....I hope??!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This week has been a full busy week. First day of school was last Monday. Everything went well!! Yeaaaa no phone calls from the school no crying just happy days!! Makenna loves her teacher and comes home everyday wanting to share every detail. I am really liking her teacher too she seems like a great fit for Makenna. Taylor was a little more timid about going to her class but ended up being fine. Her teacher is waaaaaay on the ball type which is actually what Taylor likes. She likes things scheduled and she just likes to get things done. Boy her teacher is in for a surprise with a not as on the ball mom!! It has been nice having both in school all day. Taylor was way bored last year coming home with nothing to do for half the day until Makenna got here. We are staying way busy with 2 soccer teams, gymnastics, and piano.
I like hanging out with Davis and Kate so of course we went and took some pictures....why not?

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg was very quiet and relaxing away from kids and life! I love my kids but oh the freedom you feel just getting away for a couple days!! We spent all of our spare time taking pictures to try to get our modeling portfolio together!!!! Seriously we are getting old.

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Fort Bragg continued...

We had such a great time just hanging out! How could you not....look at this place.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten years.....

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Happy Anniversary Sweetie! 10 years holy moly.....i guess when you look at our family it really has been 10 years. Our anniversary is on Wednesday but were leaving tomorrow for a little get away to Fort Bragg. I caught Will on the computer booking the reservations so I ruined his surprise. I couldn't ask for a funnier, more handsome guy who seriously does everything to make me happy. Every year makes me realize what a perfect fit we are for each other. Sometimes you just have to be mushy....Love You Forever:)

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer days....


Our summer days are quickly coming to a close.......I always knew Kate would be a red head.
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