Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now for real life........

I'm not going to lie not everything is perfect around here all of the time. This pretty much sums up the chaos that happens daily!!


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Taylor is 9..........

Taylor turned 9 on January 9, 2011 so yes this is waaaaay late but i forgive myself!! Taylors birthday was on a Sunday this year so ya know Sunday birthdays aren't the most entertaining but it still turned out super fun. Nana came the day before and the Pietz family ended up stopping by to give her a present so it actually turned into a party. She wanted an ice cream sandwich cake so that is what she got!! Taylor is growing up so fast. She looks like she is twelve and i feel kind of bad because sometimes we treat her that way too. She is just so responsible, helpful, smart, witty, beautiful, kind, and thoughtful that it is hard to remember sometimes that she is only "9!" We love Taylor so much she is the perfect fit in our family.

She swims for FRAC which is the city swim team and loves it. She loves learning new things and is always asking if she can help or if I will teach her how to cook things! I am loving that:)


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Davis is 6.........

Davis has been begging to have his cousin Bradford sleep over for his birthday for about six months now! I asked him if he wanted a party and the answer was "No just Bradford to sleep over." Well ok then that sounded great to me! Davis did go to school for an hour or so but I went and got him out of school early and we headed to McDonalds and he got to spend all day with Bradford. He got his powdered donuts for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, hot dogs for dinner, and cake for dessert. Wow we got our nutrition in for the day!! We love our boy. He is such a caring, kind hearted little guy. Works hard and always wants to do a good job. Its funny because he is kind of paticular about things. He will not touch or eat any kind of food that anyone else has touched. It even has to look right for him to eat it. We are thanking Grandpa Tim for these great traits that Davis has inherited!

So sweet to his mom. He just knows when i am having a rough time and tries to comfort me. I LOVE that about him:) Love you buddy!

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