Friday, January 29, 2010

The Peaches........

So I got to go on a girls weekend down in Newport Beach with my college roomies. I lived with most of them for my 3 years of college in Provo and also go way back to Jr. High and High school with some! Some of them are going to be verrrry mad that I posted some of these pics but they are waaaay to cute of girls (i still don't call them women i feel like we are still 16) to not post. 4 of them are pregnant in these pictures and well you know how you feel when your pregnant! We have all been through a lot together boyfriends, late nights, heart breaks, homework, trips, weight gains, weight losses, laughing until we hurt, borrowing clothes, and whatever else involves girls we have been through it! Its so fun to see everyone and the families that they have now. We stayed up late, ate sushi, shopped, watched movies, and I think one night we laughed so hard at pictures that i hurt the next day! Love you guys:)

Oh and PS these pictures look the same but I am in one and Becki is in the other we had to trade off with the camera!