Friday, September 30, 2011

Grandpa Barrett.....

It's hard to find the right words to express
everything i feel about my Grandpa and family.
My Grandpa was one of the most unique people i know.
If there was one thing Grandpa Barrett loved it was life.
He would drop anything at anytime to go sail on the ocean,
ski with his grandkids, snowmobile with his son and grandson,
boogie board with his granddaughter (me) and all her cheerleading
buddies, head to magic mountain and go on every single ride,
bbq by the beach, design and make jewlery, play instruments,
make stain glass windows, design cockpits for airplanes,
write the most creative letters and birthday cards to grandkids,
fish, sail on the ocean, sail on the ocean, oh and sail on the ocean.
Grandpa was the definition of a beach bum! He loved
everything about the beach and ocean and lived near or on the ocean
for years! The list goes on and on about the fun life Grandpa lived.

The older i get the more i realize that family is not perfect. Things happen and families change but one thing
doesn't and it is the memories and love that exist
and keep that family alive.
The one thing i took away from this memorial was
life is not perfect heartache is there but we can live each day
with happiness and create our own memories.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long Beach....

We headed down to Long Beach for my Grandpa Barretts memorial 2 weeks ago.
It was so neat! More pics and words on it coming!
For now here is cute Aly and MOM.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


First day of School was August 15 yes August 15!
It seems like the middle of summer!
Taylor 4th grade (looks like 8th!)
Davis 1st grade
Makenna 6th grade (middle school and stomach ache for me! ahhh)
Kate preschool

My heart is just so full sometimes it
it feels like it might burst! Very grateful
for these kids.

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The town Will grew up in is beautiful. Green pine trees everywhere and just pure small town everything. We had to hit the fair while we were there. The fair is like the event of the year up there. EVERYONE goes and you know that you will see EVERYONE you know there no joke! No i didn't buy the hat. Seriously look at all those hats!

The next day before we headed out we had to stop at the Polka Dot. It was like the only fast food Will ate growing up because well there was no other fast food places to eat! It has yummy burgers, fries, and shakes!! Fun little getaway for a night! I don't know why my friends are so nice to me either! My friend Melanie took all four kids for the night.... too nice!

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13 years and counting........

I cannot believe it has been 13 years that we have been married! When i look at our kids and all of lifes ups and downs that we have been through together i can't help but be so grateful for choosing this guy all those years ago. He was tailor made for me. He just gets me and i get him.

Will's 20th high school reunion was on our anniversary August 13. We found the cutest little ranch to stay at in Quincy. I loved it! It had these little cabins with no TV, computer, radio nothing and I LOVED IT! Just me and him hanging out! Yea we may have taken some glamour shots of each other before the reunion hey your supposed to remember it right?

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