Monday, September 26, 2011


The town Will grew up in is beautiful. Green pine trees everywhere and just pure small town everything. We had to hit the fair while we were there. The fair is like the event of the year up there. EVERYONE goes and you know that you will see EVERYONE you know there no joke! No i didn't buy the hat. Seriously look at all those hats!

The next day before we headed out we had to stop at the Polka Dot. It was like the only fast food Will ate growing up because well there was no other fast food places to eat! It has yummy burgers, fries, and shakes!! Fun little getaway for a night! I don't know why my friends are so nice to me either! My friend Melanie took all four kids for the night.... too nice!

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Heather said...

what a fun night!!
p.s. you prob. do so many great things for your friends.. i'm sure they just love you to pieces!