Sunday, June 12, 2011

SoCal fun.............

All i can say is we had a blast and it was over waaaay to soon!
We were missing half the fam but i was glad to see the other

We also stopped and visited our friends that Will met on his mission in Chile. Always fun to see them!

We hit the beach a few times and swam a lot! Good food was included too. We went out to Ruby's and ate lunch with dad. Had an awesome breakfast buffet in Laguna and last but not least i got to see my bff!

When i was young our cars were two volkswagen bugs a blue one and a yellow one. I think you could kinda tell that we were from southern california when we are driving around in snow storms in Utah in not so stable cars! So i thought it was kind of cool that my grandpa had blue and yellow volkswagen vans. The picture of the woman hanging in his shop also made me laugh....oh gramps! Miss ya:)
On our way out my dad took us on a tour of Downey where i was born and also where my mom and dad grew up. I took pics of all the houses that mean a lot too me and i remember all of them from visiting every summer when I was growing up. My Grandpa Barrett passed away last fall and so they are selling the house so i had to go take pics of all the cool stuff in and around it. My Grandpa was soooo creative i love it. He made jewelry, glass windows, was so creative in the way he would write, and played the ukele (yea I just had to look up the correct spelling on google, not that smart!) He was just such a unique person. I think that is where i get my love of creating things.

Aly and Zach came all the way from Ohio with cute baby Beckham!
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