Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! 10 years holy moly.....i guess when you look at our family it really has been 10 years. Our anniversary is on Wednesday but were leaving tomorrow for a little get away to Fort Bragg. I caught Will on the computer booking the reservations so I ruined his surprise. I couldn't ask for a funnier, more handsome guy who seriously does everything to make me happy. Every year makes me realize what a perfect fit we are for each other. Sometimes you just have to be mushy....Love You Forever:)

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Amy Collins said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great time in Fort Bragg....Bryan needs to take lessons from Will, he is good with surprises!!

Heather said...

love the pictures!! where did you get your dress... i have been looking for a dress like that???
Your family is super cute! :)

Hilary said...

Love the Ten year temple pic! You guys haven't changed a bit, well other than those four kids standing there with you! I love you both and could not have picked a better man to marry my big sis. Hope you guys have a ball in Fort Bragg!!! Wait a go Will!!!