Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Normandy Beaches

This was probably one of our favorite days of the trip. Will really wanted to go see where the Battle of Normandy took place. It was quite a drive to get there but soooo worth it. This was a memorial to all the soldiers that died. I had no idea how many Americans were killed here. Wow it was really humbling to see all of the crosses literally going on forever. We had to walk down flights of stairs to get to the beaches so of course I took pictures all along the way! It was hard to pick my favorites.

OK so I had to use my self-timer on this one not the best shot, but I guess not too bad for a timer?
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Heather said...

Wow Linds great pictures!! I love the pictures of you guys.. you look so cute all bundled up!! :)

Hilary said...

These pictures are beautiful! You look so cute in your hat and green coat!

Amy Collins said...

Those are great pictures...what a neat place to go visit. I know I felt so little going to Pearl Harbor, not totally the same thing, but it is amazing to be in the same place where something so massive occured.