Thursday, March 20, 2008

So my obsession with doors begins. This was my obsession on the trip along with eating twix candy bars.
Here is a statue head of I have no idea who!!
Let's just say there were many paintings and a lot of nudity....were the artists obsessed with naked people back then. No really they were beautiful and there were a ton of them.
Wow how did they get all of this on the ceiling. I will never know.
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The Robinett's said...

Ah the Louvre is so amazing, I need to go back!! Once you get over the fact that there's tons of naked people you notice how beautiful all the art is. And ya, the Mona Lisa, way overrated. And people are like all smashing each other to see it it's out of control. Keep the pictures coming I love seeing them!

Hilary said...

The Pic of Lola and the scarf is really pretty. I mean she is a beautiful woman but it really is a great picture of her. I love the green coat! I don't care if I see it 50 million more times! You are very CUTE!