Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This was on our front door in France.

You would see these flowers all over france. Tis the season.

This is the front door of our little french cottage like house. We stayed here for five days. So nice there one of my favorite things in all of the countries are their doors. None of them are alike.
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The Robinett's said...

That is so fun you got to stay in a cute little cottage!! More pictures, more pictures please!!

Hilary said...

Oh Linds! I cannot believe how beautiful everything is. It is truely like a whole other world outside of the U.S. I hope I can go to Europe someday! We should plan a girls trip and do it. But I think we need to wait until we are all done having babies......c'mon Aly get done so we can go!!! Oh and my favortie picture was actually of me in all my HUGE glory. I am sooooo glad that we got to see you! It made me month, no YEAR! I miss you!