Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here she is the gorgeous Mona Lisa! -K- this picture makes me laugh. There is a piece of glass covering this painting and if you look close you can see the reflection of all of the herds of people pushing through the crowd to see this and get their picture.
This is a picture looking into the center courtyard of the Louvre.
Will's parents are such troopers. Through the cold and rain they came with us everywhere. We had to buy scarves and hats for everyone to keep warm. It was chilly!
This pyramid is the entrance to the museum. You go down an escalator to enter. It's kind of interesting having such a modern structure in such an old building.
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Hilary said...

Love love love love love it!! I should have hid myself in your suitcase so I could have been there!


Linds-I am so dang jealous of your trip! It looks great and you are a wonderful photographer!