Thursday, March 22, 2012

AUGUST 2011...................

Its almost school time!  School starts so early here around August 15.  We are enjoying our last days of summer at the park right by our house.  I have spent hours on end at this park.  The city put in a water feature that the kids love when it is super hot.  We usually meet up with friends and let the kids run wild in the water.

Will takes Davis golfing with him a lot.  Davis loves it because he gets to hang with dad and gets all the snacks and soda his heart desires.  Will likes having his buddy with him too.  
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alyson said...

I love all these posts! It's a good idea to just do a little month summary, less overwhelming! I wish Beckham could come run through those water fountains with his cousins. And I looove that picture of Davis in the golf cart. Him and Will are just best buds it's so cute.