Saturday, March 10, 2012

MAY 2011...................

OK I am a picture hoarder! I have to post lots of pics for every month. I can't help it.
Kate had her fourth birthday. I thought it was so sweet her sisters made her a duct tape purse with princesses on it.

Makennas birthday was next. She got an Itouch and was completely surprised about it!! 11 years old.

She has her same traditional cake every year. I love it because it is so cheap and easy to make. Ice cream sandwiches, whip cream, and chocolate syrup!

So fun Will got to come on a field trip with Davis. This is rare but it happened to work out with work so we all went together on the bus! It was a fun day, even though Will's legs barely fit in the seat.

Davis and Tanner have known each other since birth! They were both born in February and are both sweet boys.

Mrs. Hare. Wonderful

Mrs. Ellinwood Super Fantastic too!

Mrs. Patton. Made for teaching!

Kate's preschool graduation. One more year of preschool and then she is off to leave me for Kindergarten!! There will be some guaranteed tears when her mom drops her off on her first day of Kindergarten and they will not be Kates tears!!!!

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