Friday, January 4, 2008

The never ending polka dots

We had so much fun at Taylors polka dot party. We had the kids make creative polka dots out of clay and vote on which one they liked the most. Makenna won but we gave the prize up to someone else (which she struggled with) but it is good for her to learn that winning isn't everything. The girls and I stayed up late cutting circles out and making runners for the table. We probably had 18 kids running around crazy everywhere. Taylor is a sweet girl and love her sense of humor and tender heart.
Fabulous polka dot cake designed and baked by Madame Me!
The kids all got a cupcake and decorated with their very own pack of polka dot skittles.
Here is my polka dot girl I can't believe it has been 6 years since she was born. She is heaven sent.
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Hilary said...

Soooooo cute!! You are the Martha Sterwart of Yuba City. That is such a darling idea. I can't believe she is 6 either, I still feel like Makenna was just born and now you have four. That was sure nice of Makenna to give up her prize, I know that's hard! Wish I could have been there! Love you all.

The Robinett's said...

That is the cutest idea Linds! I bet Taylor loved it. I cannot believe she's six, she's just our little Toots saying in her low voice "I'm lubbin' it." :) Cute Taylor, we love her.

Hilary said...

Hey Linds did you make it home alive! Are you kids still alive as well? Just missin the Warren Blog updates!