Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is what I have avoided all day. We just call it the laundry recliner. Thats right we bought it to lay heaps of clothes on it.
Hardbound composition books 96 cents each. I use these for my brain, I can't exist without it. They're cute too.
He's cute too.
Bargain of the day $6 a pair. Makenna has been begging for these old school airwalk shoes. Remember when our brother used to wear white ones with the stingray blood on them?!! We thought he was the coolest and he still is.
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Hilary said...

Could you please send some of these notebooks for our mom because she is in need of a brain!!! And te Shoes are sooooo cute and yes they totally remind me of Christian. I remember that boat trip with grandpa and them shooting the sting ray! Yuck! But it made for cool spots on Christians shoes. Good Times!