Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!!!

Why do I love these cookies sooo much?$%!!
Davis and Kate up last night with the barfs!! Not to gross you out on Valentine's day!! We are still trying to celebrate. (positive thinking) Don't worry just Ketchup on his face!
Taylor had a fun day in Kindergarten and we are still waiting for Makenna. Of course we had to save cookies for her to decorate. She would be devestated to not participate in the festivities. Just like Taylors bag says we love you all and hope your day is great and loveable.
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Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish we were decorating cookies together, because that is what we've been doing. I'm reminded of why I don't make them very often...I can't stop eating them!!!! Hope Davis and Kate get better :(
We love and miss you!!!!!!

Hilary said...

Why the barfs!! I am soooo sorry. You deserve a massage and manicure or something. I have only had the barfs here twice and I thought I was going to DIE. Looks like you guys are having fun today though (good positive thinking). We had the whole day together yesterday (Ian took the day off) and made cupcakes. Then at night we went to Medieval Times with the boys! It was a blast. You have got to take Davis, he would LOVE it! Love you.

Jean Smith Photography said...

Happy Vday to you (well, one day late). Mmmmmm...those cookies look so did I escape Valentine's Day without getting any frosted sugar's a CRIME!