Sunday, April 6, 2008


This girl is obsessed......Davis secretly lets her crawl up the stairs. Constantly looking out for his little friend. Friends forever.

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Smith Family said...

how old is your baby? i swear she is younger than my isaac and she is already doing stairs???

Heather said...

umm that scares me.. I can just imagine my little one falling down them! If he takes after his mommy the poor kid will have lots of accidents!! ;)

This is our first home {only home} We have lived in appartments til now. So, we have not had the joyment of stairs til now.... looks like a lot of fun!!

Hilary said...

Oh the beloved stairs!! My boys have fallen down many a flights of stairs and nope I never put up the gates. I just hate how they look!! I think they learn faster if they get a little bump here and there!! She is such a little string bean. Are you feeding her? jK I was just thinking of when you were starving Davis......can we laugh about that now!?