Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom stuff........

Do you ever start your day saying I am going to be such a fantabulous mom today. Well thats the way this day started. Taylor had a field trip to the zoo so I decided to take Davis and go for it. As you can see my children in both of these pictures are the ones having the issues! By the way what in the heck is the red streak in my hair! Moving on...Taylor was a little weepy for unknown reasons and Davis well let's just say I know why I only have one boy!!! It was 100 degrees and I was exhausted by the end. As we were unloading from the car Davis decided to smash my thumb in the door. Other than that things were just fantabulous!

Your probably wondering why the jam and salsa. Well I just had to give myself props for canning this year. The strawberries here are sooooo good. Mom and Aly were going to try to pack some back to Utah and Idaho just to make jam with them. This will go down in my family history because I don't know if it will happen again!
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Hilary said...

Linds you are always a fantabulous mom!!! It's just that our kids aren't always so fantab. Those little runts don't understand that in order for us to function on awesome mom mode they must be perfect at all times.

Onto canning, ummmm.....when did you learn how to do that? Did our mom teach you? I knew you were the favorite! I need to do that this summer. Maybe when you come we could go berry picking and then you and Aly teach me to can!! You are FANTABULOUS!

Heather said...

Linds, you are such the CUTEST, Pinkalicious,{love that book btw}, Fantabulous mom ever!
I look at myself in the mirror every morning & think I'm going to be so patient & be the best mom today. I don't know what happens but, by noon things slowly fall apart!! ;)
You look so cute in that picture... I don't see any red!
That is so funny you say that b/c I thought to myself the other day.. I'm such a BOY mom. I don't think I could handle any more drama!
I'm so sorry about your thumb.

P.S. Way to go on the canning!

Monica said...

Linds! This is Monica...Audra's sister! Sis told me that you had a blog, so I just had to stop by...hope you don't mind! It was great to see all your kids! They are growing up so much and Kate is darling! Your pics are beautiful, great and wonderful too...isn't it so, so, soooooo addicting!! Looks like your fam is doing great...loved to see everyone!!

The Robinett's said...

Go Linds! You are really such a great mom, I don't know how you do it.

Amy Collins said...

I love Davis's facial expressions...crazy kid. Good work with the jam and salsa...maybe my garden will grow and you can teach me ;)

jaime pott photography said...

I love Davis' expressions....So cute.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.....I will email you with some suggestions....I know you asked about them!

A Change of Climate said...

You are SO my role model!! (By the way, this is Katie your cous. Aly told me about your blog today at Grandma's.) I don't know how you do it AND do it while making salsa and jam! That picture of you and Davis is classic and makes me think of my sweet bro Dan. After all the not-so-sweet years, he finally turned into a really great guy. Ha ha! So hang on.:)