Sunday, May 4, 2008

One more birthday.......

I usually don't post something every other day but I just had to tell Makenna Happy 8th Birthday!!! This is a special one she will be baptized next Saturday.
10 things I love about Makenna:

1. She knows what she wants and sticks to her guns about it.

2. Always looks out for her brother and sisters.

3. A fabulous artist just like her dad.

4. Excels at anything creative.

5. Kind hearted

6. Loves her family and doesn't mind hanging out with us all the time.

7. Loves to listen to my old stories from when I was a kid!

8. Fun to be around

9. Friendly, cares about how other people feel.

10. Loves her MOM!!! (well sometimes)


Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Makenna! And I am freaking out that you will be baptized in a week. You are an amazing girl and a great big sister!

Kat said...

Great idea, Lins, to write that list of things you love about Makenna, you are an amazing mom. We are so proud of you Makenna for choosing to get baptized!!

Amber Staub said...

Hey Lindsay,
I'm excited to start keeping in touch with you guys through your blog. You have beautiful children!! I can't believe Makenna is 8. I still picture her as a toddler, playing in the sand on the beach. We miss you guys!

Marie said...

I can't believe she's already 8 years old! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Makenna!