Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring break in So-Cal...............

We had a fun and adventurous spring break that is not quite over yet!! This trip really made me think about what is important. Seeing so many important people from my life and Will's really got me thinking. Will located one of his Mamitas from his mission in Chile that he absolutely loved. He found out that her three daughters also lived in Southern California too so we decided to make a trip out of it and go meet them! This isn't just any family he loved his Mamita like his own family on his mission. She washed his clothes and made him his meals and took care of him like it was her own son. Will has been so happy to be reconnected to her again. We were able to meet her 3 beautiful and sweet as ever daughters and one of her son-in-laws. We spent lots of time with them and the kids were attached to all of them within a couple of days. When we left the kids were all in tears. It was pretty neat to be there. Thanks guys!!

We had races and played football at the park one day and we were all pretty sore for a couple days!!

That is cute Marcella (one of Mamitas daughters) with Kate.

I also got to see my BFF!!! No really I go through Becki withdrawls to this day. She is just one of those people that just knows me and gets who I am. We were tied to each others hip for years and I loved hanging out with her and her cute cute family!

We had a fun day at the aquarium! We debated disneyland but didn't want to spend two days away that we could be with family and friends instead it actually worked out great. Check out these jellyfish.....if you haven't seen 7 pounds you should!!! This totally reminded me of it. And no that is Kate not a fish.... funny girl.

We spent a day at Newport Beach with my Grandpa Barrett. I must admit I was pretty emotional that day. It was kind of sad for me to see my Grandpa not really remember me. He is 89 and has dimensia (not sure i spelled that right). When we were younger we would always spend a week every summer down in Southern California with grandparents and family. I have so many fun memories with my Grandpa at the beach. He would drive his RV down to the beach and bring us boogies boards and we would barbeque polish sausage sandwiches. He looooved the ocean and beach and would take us out on his sailboat too. We asked him if he wanted to go out to eat or go to the beach with us and of course with no hesitation he said the beach! So we grabbed a wheelchair and off we went.

Mamita and 2 of her daughters also met us there and were so helpful with my kids and grandpa. Thanks guys what would we do without you. As you can see Mamita loooved Kate and Kate loved her too.

Last but not least this was the first McDonalds in good old Downey, Ca where I was born.


Jean Smith Photography said...

ahhhh...what would i give to be in so cal right now! i miss you and becki!!! you guys look SO freaking cute!

Heather said...

how fun.. you & becki look so cute. i was in utah for spring break & got to spend it with family & my BFF's. you look way cute. glad your trip was wonderful.


Hilary said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time. I am glad that you got to take Grandpa out to the beach. I am sure he was in heaven!! He definitely looks older than I remember. Times has gone by so fast, it seems like yesterday that we were eating the polish dogs outside the RV with sand in our bums!

Liza said...

I love the pics. Becks was here last weekend and we got to go to was so fun to see her....I need a Lindsay fix now...get out here.