Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nothing more fun than to be with family! Well not everyone was here but quite a few. I'm kind of mad at some of them because they are all leaving me to move back east rrrrr! Aly and Zach are heading to Med school in Ohio right after Aly has her baby in July. Can you believe she only has about 6 weeks left she is a tiny pregnant girl and so cute! Then they are taking the baby and leaving us for four years and then will be who knows where. Christian and Audra are in the process of moving to Virginia and leaving us forever. Hilary is already in Virginia, so 3 out of the four siblings will be back east and leaving me in the west. Luckily my mom will still be in Idaho and my dad is in Seattle which is still kind of far for a drive. It's just kind of a weird feeling to think none of my family will even be in Utah anymore. I guess we are just to adventurous and need to sow our wild oats!! Love your guts family:)

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Hilary said...

I feel for you, seeing as how for the last 9 years of my life I have been the lone Ranger out here in the East like the black sheep of the family! It's about time someone else gets a taste of loneliness! Just kidding! I love you and I wish you were coming out here too.
I am loving the pictures with the kids, the family picture is adorable, mostly because Kate's face is scrunchie!! Love you sister!!